CASE STUDY: AF 4243 for the filtration of ice cream

In the production process of coated ice cream, croissants and stick ice cream, nuts are used which mix with the cream in a well-defined quantity. In the presence of unbalanced concentrations of walnuts and the like, especially at the start of production, the product is not usable and therefore is discarded.

The use of a Filtration Group system, which adopts an AF 4243 automatic metal-edge filter, completely in stainless steel for the food industry, allows to separate the solids from the liquid part, in order to recover both almost completely.

The filter can be adapted by introducing a heating jacket and / or changing the degree of filtration, to operate with different liquids, following the production of the different batches of the manufacturer.


– drastic reduction of the loss of products

– removal of dangerous particles for the system nozzles

– reduction of downtime

– reduction of cleaning costs


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