CASE STUDY: AF 71 H – PVC filtration


The Filtration Group automatic filters have been introduced in the production processes that involve the filtration and homogenization of high viscosity PVC (2000 ÷ 4000 mPa ∙ s at 40 ° C), a plastic material commonly used in the automotive sector.
To avoid imperfections in the molded components, an AF 71 H metal blade filter is used for these applications, with manual or automatic cleaning and a filter element with an absolute filtration degree of 250 μm.
This filter, chosen and optimized in collaboration with the supplier of the raw material, guarantees the removal of lumps of material without removing the necessary additives and protective agents.

The main advantages are the following:

  • no consumption of filter elements
  • resistant and durable filter components
  • continuous filtration, without interrupting the production process
  • reduced energy spending


For more information about this case study, please download the case study in pdf.

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