CASE STUDIES: glues and hot melt filtration plants


Lubropoint is constantly engaged in the search for new challenges.

This month we dealt with two large Italian manufacturers of adhesive tape and coating systems, creating (and installing) a new plant for the production of glues for both.

Using the AF 74S and AF 95S self-cleaning scraper automatic filters from Filtration Group, ex-Mahle, we were able to filter the glue with wire mesh elements without interrupting the production process. The advantages are obvious, both in terms of production and safety: the toxic and flammable residues with this filtration system are conveyed in controlled containers, without any contact by the operators.

This type of system can be installed in the glue and hot melt sector, up to 230 ° C. The system filters the glues before they are applied to the belt and the self-cleaning system allows you to automatically reject the residues and eliminate the expensive drawer or disk filters, guaranteeing the company not only greater safety, but also greater efficiency and productivity: goodbye to the disposal of the cartridges and to the machine downtime!

Find out more about the automatic self-cleaning filters for the filtration and homogenization of glues and hot melts

Discover our filtration system in detail

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