SUCCESS STORY: AF 4243 S – Filtration of honey

One of the fundamental processes during the processing of honey consists in the separation by gravity (decantation) of the product from all unwanted inclusions, such as wax, wood and parts of insects. Being very slow as a process, filtration is used to avoid immobilizing the honey for long periods of time.

UAB Medaus Pirkliai, a leading Lubropoint customer on the Baltic market, requested a self-cleaning filter to be placed between the honey homogenization and pasteurization phases. A Filtration Group AF 4243 metal-edge filter with a 100 μm internal element was chosen, which in addition to removing unwanted particles is also able to carry out a homogenization process.

This system, completely automatic and managed by the control panel E900 provided by Filtration Group, allows you to work without interrupting filtration during cleaning, simultaneously reducing the frequency of maintenance and the related costs.

Download the case study in pdf!

Case study filtrazione miele

filtrazione miele

honey filtration

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