SUCCESS STORY: AF 7383 – Filtration of cooking oil for the production of donuts

During the frying processes of donuts, some particles composed of dough and sugar can detach and remain in suspension in the oil. This can cause, in addition to a more rapid aging of the oil, also to clogging problems in the coils of the heat exchangers that bring the fluid up to temperature.

Filtration Group has implemented an AF 7383 automatic stainless steel scraper filter with two filter elements to remove solid particles from cooking oil.

• Fully automatic process thanks to differential pressure control
• Cost savings thanks to the reduction of oil losses, less use of spare parts and reduced cleaning of the heat exchanger
• Less manual maintenance and replacement of filters compared to traditional filtration systems, for greater safety for operators (oil at 170 ° C)
• Reduction of downtime
• Possible multiplication targets: large industrial manufacturers of bakery products using any type of oil




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