1. Short description

Lubropoint designs and manufactures complete filtration systems, in collaboration with Filtration Group (formerly Mahle). A dedicated trolley system has been developed specifically for the off-line filtration of neat cutting oil and hydraulic oil. Special configurations are also provided for the treatment of aqueous emulsions for processing.
The cart uses two FG PI 1975 filters with innovative filter elements with high accumulation capacity, arranged in parallel, capable of retaining up to 2 kg of contaminants for each cartridge.
Easy to manage and maintain, this system guarantees the complete removal of all the particles suspended in the fluid that are generated by the machining by chip removal and by the wear of the components of the machines in relative motion, greatly reducing the probability of even serious failures.


– Pratical use of the system
– Compact design
– Innovative filter elements capable of retaining a high amount of particles
– Quick maintenance thanks to the filter design
– Excellent cost / benefit ratio
– Possibility of using the filters simultaneously or alternatively
– Optimized pressure and flow to maximize efficiency
– Operation with 230 V or 400 V
– Customization of the cart elements, with the possibility of installing magnetic rod filters or coalescing membrane separators for the removal of water in hydraulic oils
– Available configurations with electric pump and fittings in AISI 316
– Certification CE
– Worldwide sales network

Alpa 20 SS

2. Principles of operation

The Alpa 20 trolley is equipped with a self-priming pump capable of handling oils with kinematic viscosity up to 100 cSt which sends the fluid to the PI 1975 filters. These can be fed:
simultaneously to process a higher flow rate (with identical filter elements)
individually, by acting on the valves upstream of the filters
A wide range of filter elements are available, each with their own well-defined materials and characteristics.

The most used are FIL 5 and FIL 1 in cellulose with high storage capacity (up to 2 kg).
Alternatively, glass fiber elements can be used which guarantee high β values (ratio between inlet and outlet particles)
• Sm-N 2 β4 ≥ 200
• PS 3 β5 ≥ 200
• PS 6 β7 ≥ 200
• PS 10 β10 ≥ 200
• PS 16 β15 ≥ 200
• PS 25 β20 ≥ 200

elements with large filtering surface and low β
• MIC 10 β10 ≥ 2
• MIC 25 β25 ≥ 2

or washable metal mesh cartridges with a larger mesh (ideal in the absence of a pre-filtration of the fluid), capable of restoring its initial state in its entirety with appropriate cleaning techniques:
• DRG 10
• DRG 25
• DRG 40
• DRG 60
• DRG 100
• DRG 200
• DRG 250
• DRG 500

The system is designed to filter fluids during decanting (several steps required depending on the cartridges used) or in dialysis on the storage tanks in different types of machines.
The pressure gauges upstream and downstream of the filters allow an accurate control of the pressures and, consequently, of the saturation status of the filter elements. Versions of filters with integrated differential pressure switch are also available.

3. Customization

The ability to configure the cart according to the fluid to be filtered and the particle size, which has always been Lubropoint’s main focus, combined with the advantageous cost / benefit ratio, makes the system extremely competitive.
Some examples of additional / replacement elements are:

– Y filter with magnetic rod
– Barrel filter with magnetic rod
– PIW 1975 coalescing filter for water removal (replaces one of the two main filters)

On request it is possible to modify the layout of the hydraulic circuit of the Alpa 20 cart in order to arrange the PI 1975 filters in series, carrying out two consecutive filtration steps with different cartridges.

4. Application examples

The first applications for the Alpa 20 cart, identified in the design phase, were focused on systems for the surface finishing of mechanical components, for example grinding, lapping and polishing, in which a very high quantity of contaminating particles of reduced dimensions (1 ÷ 10 µm).
Subsequently, thanks to the high flexibility of the system and the provision of other elements such as magnetic filters and coalescing separators, the field of applications has significantly expanded.

It includes:
– Filtration of oils for hydraulic presses and bending machines
– Treatment of refrigeration compressor oils (SS steel required due to the presence of ammonia)
– Filtration of processing oils coming out of chip briquetting machines


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