SUCCESS STORY: FTS – Diesel treatment for emergency engines of nuclear power plants

The diesel engines of nuclear power plants are part of the auxiliary systems and must be able to intervene promptly in the event of an accident. The accumulation of free water in diesel fuel storage tanks, caused by temperature variations, leads to corrosion of components and the formation of microorganisms that can block filters, nozzles and pipes.

The Filtration Group FTS system, normally used in the marine sector, is increasingly being implemented also in power plants. It is equipped with two stages in series that allow the filtration of particles and dirt and separation through coalescing membranes. The water content is kept low, so the fuel can be used at any time.


• Prolonged fuel storage is safe
• The free water in the fuel is constantly kept below the critical limit
• Cost reduction due to lower maintenance requirements and reduced wear
• It is no longer necessary to replace unused fuels
• Fuel quality inspections can be significantly reduced




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