SUCCESS STORY: KFWA – Fuel treatment for diesel engines

The latest generation large common-rail engines, with operating pressures reaching 2.500 bar, require highly efficient filtration and dehydration of the supplied fuel.

In fact, water and suspended particles reduce the use times of the main engine filters, high-pressure pumps and injectors, and can lead in the medium-long term to important phenomena, such as corrosion of some components or development of microorganisms.

Filtration Group has developed a technology that, by combining the action of a traditional filter and special coalescing membranes in a single element, drastically reduces the content of contaminants and free water, from 1.000 to 70 ppm.
The system can be implemented in line in front of the engine (MAIN version), or on the tank (BY version).


• High operational safety also given by the robust and flexible design
• Filtration and separation in a single solution
• Simple implementation of the complete system thanks to the supply of control panel and feed pump
• Automatic water drain
• Element control thanks to differential pressure monitoring


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