SUCCESS STORY: PI 1975 – Hydraulic oil filtration

The Italian manufacturing industrial fabric includes numerous companies that base their production on sheet metal processing, building finished products through plastic deformation (bending, deep drawing) or removal of material (shearing, punching). Hydraulic presses, using hydraulic oil to generate the necessary thrust, are the machines specially designed for this type of processing. To ensure correct operation, it is necessary to remove the harmful metal particles that are generated by the wear of the components and accumulate in the oil.

Lubropoint has carefully developed a filter cart specifically designed for the off-line filtration of cutting oils and hydraulic oils, using Filtration Group’s cutting-edge technology. The solution involves the installation of 2 PI 1975 filters positioned in parallel with internal elements that trap particles larger than 5 µm (cartridges of different sizes available).

Here are some of the cart’s strengths:
– Ease of use
– Quick and easy maintenance
– High contaminant storage capacity, up to 2 kg / filter element
– Cart designed for the installation of other elements, such as magnetic rod filters or PIW 1975 coalescing membrane separators for the removal of water from the fluid

Download the success story at Zagni Aldo srl di Modena.

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