SUCCESS STORY: PI 210 – Filtration of oil for transmission on ships

Hydraulically operated maneuvering systems are installed on work vessels such as tugs, fishing boats or ferries. The oil used in these transmissions must strictly maintain high levels of cleanliness to limit seizure and wear of the components.

For this purpose, a Filtration Group PI 210 series duplex filter with 25μm Premium Select filter elements that can be changed quickly without interruption in operation.

Main features:
• The filter housing in aluminum, light and economical
• Premium Select elements provide up to 30% more dirt holding capacity at a low differential pressure, in combination with a well-defined filtration degree
• Reduction of maintenance times and costs
• Ease of use of duplex filters thanks to lever lock, pressure adjustment and easy one-handed operation
• Operating pressure up to 32 bar possible
• The PI 210 series is approved by the consolidated certification offices in the maritime sector (Lloyds, BV, GL, DNV)


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