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Our professionalismOur professionalism

We at Lubropoint collaborate with multinational companies since 1984 and this has allowed us to gain a good experience about theĀ manufacturing processes and the hybrid technologies dedicated to industry.
For this reason we at Lubropoint we can help you choosing the right product for your business.

Our effort allowed us to understand the customer needs andĀ offer the best solutions depending on the working environment.
In addition, thanks to the different collaborators around the world, we have the chance to follow you before, during and after the purchase. we can do it not only remotely, but also on the field.


Experience and international know how.


Visits to show you the validity of our products.


We design systems with SolidWorks 3D CAD software also for third parties respecting confidentiality.


We check the data and compare the results.

We improve production cycles to guarantee the quality of your final products.

Our top managers

Experience and professionalism
Sales Manager

I worked since 1984 in sales and maintenance of industrial processes. After years of experience in “traditional” lubricants and collaboration with various oil companies, I strated to be passionate about more technological products.

Francesco Mazzini
Technical Manager

After studies in the scientific-technological field, I graduated in 2019 in mechanical engineering at the “Enzo Ferrari” Engineering Department of Modena. In the same year I joined Lubropoint, to bring the skills acquired with the study and “fresh” ideas …

Gerardo D'Elia

I worked since 1991 in specialized lubrication for industrial processes. After years of experience in lubricants, I strated to be passionate about more technological products.

Our partners

Reliable partners – beneficial cooperation

Over the years we have worked with many key partners in the sector, including Daikin, Visedo, Bibus and many others besides. Today, to optimise our work we rely on the experience and reliability of Filtration Group (ex Mahle), world leader in the filtration sector.


Filtration Group is a world leader in the filtration sector. Founded as Mahle in 1920, its long history began in the automotive sector, later spreading to all industrial sectors, but all with the same objectives: to supply technologically innovative solutions for vehicle and industrial applications, with ecological and cost-effective solutions for the safe filtering of dusts, air, water, emulsions and other matter. The Filtration Group (ex Mahle) filtering solution meet or exceed all quality and safety standards.

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    For over 30 years Lubropoint identified alternative industrial solutions dedicated to medium and large industries. To ensure customers the best products in the field of high-performance hybrid technologies and industrial filtrations Lubropoint studies the market carefully.