Alpa 10 Duplex with Double Float
The latest addition to the Lubropoint plant park, the duplex mobile filtration system has been specifically developed for the removal of contaminants from mechanical processing suspended in tanks with water-based lubricants.

Where it is used

In all emulsion tanks of machine tools to remove particles up to 25 μm from the fluid, both on the emulsion surface and at the bottom of the tank. We use high-surface-area filter elements. It can also be used for draining tanks during maintenance activities and subsequent refilling, contributing to fluid purification.

How it works

The filtering cart is used as an offline system to maintain high-quality working fluid. The circuit allows the use of a duplex filter, powered by the pump controlled by the electrical panel, and a double float (surface with automatic level adjustment and tank bottom). The filters used allow for the rapid replacement of filter elements thanks to the switching lever when a filter element is clogged.

Why choose it

The high versatility of the Alpa 10 Duplex cart makes it extremely effective when there is metallic dust floating in the tanks in addition to the chips at the bottom of the tank. The ability to configure the cart based on the fluid to be filtered and the particle size, always the main focus of Lubropoint, combined with the advantageous cost/benefit ratio, makes the system highly competitive. It is also possible to install a magnetic rod filter to achieve a better quality of the cutting fluid, ensuring a longer life for the filter elements when processing magnetic materials.

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