Alpa 20 – The new filtration system for contaminated industrial fluids

Lubropoint is pleased to present the new ALPA 20 filtration system, the offline filtration system dedicated to contaminated industrial fluids in the mechanical sector.

Alpa 20 is the cart-mounted filtration system was developed specifically for the removal of micro-contaminants suspended in processing oils, resulting from the wear of components of industrial machines or from metal surface finishing operations.

Alpa 20 was designed for all tanks of hydraulic presses or grinding/lapping systems, to remove small particles (1 ÷ 10 µm) from fluids thanks to the filter elements with high accumulation capacity. It is also possible to supply elements with a higher filtration degree for every need.

The cart can be used for emptying the tanks, processing all the fluid in a single step, or as an off-line system on a single tank to keep the high quality of the fluid constant during work shifts. The hydraulic circuit allows you to use a single filter or both in parallel, according to the customer’s needs.


– high versatility of use for a wide range of mechanical machining
– ability to be able to configure the cart according to the fluid to be filtered and the particle size
– advantageous cost/benefit ratio

It is possible to install a magnetic rod filter or replace a main filter with a coalescing membrane separator to remove water from the oil.








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