Chocolate filtration with self-cleaning filter AF 42 SH1

The self-cleaning filter with metal scraper AF 42 SH is a stainless steel filter with heating jacket and automatic radial scraper cleaning system.
This is a highly versatile filter, particularly indicated in the food sector such as in chocolate processing.

In the process of making the chocolate mass there are products (e.g. cocoa butter) and additives (e.g. glucose syrup) with a wide variety of rheological properties.

The viscosity data of our customers range from 390 mm²/s to 28,000 mm²/s.

There is usually no information on the type and quantity of solids in these types of processes and filtrations, because often the goal is to homogenize the agglomerates in the chocolate mass.

In chocolate molding machines, it is essential that the nozzles are protected against clogging of any processing residues.

When covering pastries and chocolates with melted chocolate, it may happen that broken biscuits, pieces of nuts or the like must be removed from the pumped chocolate coating in order to have a perfect finished product.

Filtration Group filters are used precisely for this type of filtration, but often they are also used as safety and / or cleaning filters, for example in loading / receiving stations for masses of chocolate, components or additives such as sugar syrup.

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