Eliminate viruses and bacteria with SilentCare Filtration Group

More than ever as in this period, having clean air free from viruses, bacteria and other air pollutants significantly improves health. In environments with a large number of people, such as classrooms or offices, the level of air pollutants can increase rapidly, significantly increasing the risk of infections.

Since the amount of fresh air in the rooms cannot be guaranteed at the optimum level, SilentCare is the solution we have all been waiting for.

Clean air free of viruses, bacteria and other pollutants significantly improves our health. In rooms with a high number of people, the level of airborne pollutants can rise rapidly and thus increases significantly the risk of infections. As the level of fresh air cannot be guaranteed to the optimum level, SilentCare is the perfect solution.
It filters air effectively, recycling the total volume of the room multiple times per hour to an extremely high efficiency ensuring ambient pollutant levels are minimised. Above all it operates very quietly.
The noise level of SilentCare is well below the average noise level of an office (50 – 60 dB(A)) and guarantees trouble-free operation.

SilentCare eliminates at least 99,995 % airborne polluntants

The three-layer filter media, certified according to the European standard EN 1822, ensures efficient filtration of almost all aerosols found in the ambient air of closed rooms. Thus, pollutants can be reduced to a minimum. The filtering micro glass fiber layer is embedded between two polyester fleeces. This prevents contact with the filter layer.


– High efficiency with low power consumption
– Compact design with wheels for mobile use
– Low pressure drop and quiet operation (43 db(A) with optimal air circulation)
– 360 degree air circulation and cleaning
– Suitable for rooms up to approx. 45 m2 (max. 70 m2 (1)) with 5-fold exchange (2)
– Air flow of 600 m3/h +/- 50 m3/h (max. 900 m3/h +/- 50 m3/h (1))
– Filter elements service life: 24 months at 8 hours of operation per day (3)
– Voltage 230 V / Power 45 W at 600 m³/h, 100 W at 900 m³/h
– Sheet steel housing, powder-coated, grey
– Dimensions: Height approx. 1100 mm, Ø 500 mm
– Weight approx. 40 kg


– Extremely quiet and draught-free operation (43 db(A))
– Low power consumption (45 W at 600 m³/h)
– Fast and effective removal of airborne pollutants such as viruses, bacteria and pollen
– H14 HEPA-Filter class filter according to EN1822 H14 (filters at least 99.995 % of the pollutant particles in the range 0.1 µm – 0.3 µm)
– Compact and modular design
– Multi-stage operation enables individual adaption to the environmental situation

Application area

– Areas with high levels of footfall
– Office building
– Meeting rooms
– Residential buildings
– Schools, universities, day care centers

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