Honey filtration with self-cleaning filter AF 42 SH 1

Filtration Group AF 42 SH 1 self-cleaning automatic filter is a stainless steel filter with a heating jacket and automatic metal-edge radial cleaning system.
This filter is perfect for use in the food industry, in particular for the filtration of honey, thanks to a filtration degree of 200 microns.
Very small in size, this in-line filter system does not consume filter materials and consequently there is no need to dispose of them. The filter is cleaned automatically or semi-automatically or manually without interrupting the process. The solids concentrate removed by the scraper are carried out of the filter together with a limited amount of fluid simply by opening the drain valve for a short time.
The heating jacket consists of a hollow cylinder that surrounds the body of the filter itself and is essential for applications that require the maintenance of a certain temperature.
In the specific case of honey, filtration is anything but simple. Honey brings with it pieces of wax, wood from honeycombs, parts of insects, organic materials of various kinds, air bubbles. All elements that must be dealt with before placing the product on the market. The processing of honey is therefore particularly complex, because it becomes a fluid product without impurities, just as we are used to seeing it on supermarket shelves.
Honey filtration can be used in addition to decanting or as an alternative, if a long immobilization of the honeycomb is not possible.
With the Filtration Group AF 42 SH 1 filter we can guarantee optimal filtration with the addition of several management advantages.


– Low life cycle costs, as no filter material is used
– Cleaning possible without interrupting filtration
– Precise separation quality thanks to the metal cartridge
– Stable filter element made of triangular stainless steel wire on a sturdy support body
– Process reliability through efficient filter cleaning
– Long service life thanks to solid construction and high quality materials
– Different configurations to optimize filter choice
– Easy maintenance thanks to easy opening


discover the details of the self-cleaning filter AF 42 SH 1.

See the application for the chocolate industry.

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