With the new year, Filtration Group introduces in its product package a new configuration of the AF 713 filter, now built in AISI 316 Ti stainless steel, going to occupy a “slice of the market” up to now lacking self-cleaning filters.

Just like all models of the AF 7X series, this filter is equipped with a metal scraper which allows the elimination of lumps and the mechanical removal of the particles retained on the surface of the internal filtering element.

Starting from March 2023 it will be available for all sectors that process high viscosity fluids, with low flow rates, and need chemically neutral and easy to clean materials. Among these we find:

    – food sector (olive oil, honey, chocolate, ice cream, eggs, etc.)

    – chemical-pharmaceutical sector (water-based paints and glues, polymers, cosmetics, etc.)

The filter is available in a manual version, with cleaning and draining entrusted to the operator, or configured to operate completely automatically.



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