CASE STUDY: AF 43 – Filtration of tile adhesive

The production process for tile adhesives involves the homogenization of cement, sand and various additives in well-defined percentages, in order to obtain the best chemical-physical characteristics. For this reason, the use of an automatic metal-edge filter is optimal, combining continuous filtration efficiency with mixing capacity.

Filtration group chose an AF 43 self-cleaning filter with 500 μm perforated sheet filter elements. These elements are kept constantly in motion relatively with respect to the metal edges, a cause of the characteristics of the fluid (high viscosity thixotropic material) and of the contaminating load variable over time.

The removal of bag filters, normally used for these productions, guaranteed:

• savings on procurement, maintenance and disposal costs
• a reduction of the product lost in the bags
• considerable increase in productivity

Download the PDF.


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