CASE STUDY: cleaning system for machine tools


The aim of this study is removing brass shavings from a solvent cleaning system, having to simultaneously reduce time and costs for the maintenance and management of the filtration system, based on the use of filter bags.

This is possible by integrating a metal-edge Filtration Group AF 7373 automatic pre-filter into the system, with a filtration degree of 200 μm, obtaining a first coarse filtration step. The smallest residual particles are captured by a fine bag filter.

The sludge discharged from the filter is dried in vacuum containers and removed, once dried, by basket filters.

Thanks to the solution adopted, the following results were obtained:

  • – maximizing the life of the cleaning system
  • – general cost reduction thanks to savings on filter bags
  • – reduction of maintenance interventions
  • – complete reuse of the dried chip

For more information about this case study, please download the success story in pdf.

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